The Christian Worldview (2): Metaphysics (a)

The Bible begins with creation; this is a good place for us to start to delineate the Biblical Worldview. From the Bible’s view of creation we are given the heart of the Biblical worldview, the creator-creature distinction. There are two fundamental realities according to the Bible, God and His creation. Everything we can consider is … Continue reading The Christian Worldview (2): Metaphysics (a)


The Irrationalism of Rational Thought

Can someone who rejects God as He has revealed Himself in Scripture be consistently rational? Cornelius Van Til, a 20th century Christian apologist and theologian, frequently demonstrated the inherent irrationalism of all non-Biblical worldviews. One of his students, John Frame, has applied this insight to many of the major philosophical thinkers and movements of western … Continue reading The Irrationalism of Rational Thought