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Many book ideas are never printed because having a book published through a major publisher costs money (books take thousands of dollars to market and produce). Some of these books may not be worth publishing, but some have a very select audience—may only run 15 copies—yet will significantly influence those who read them. These latter books will not be picked up by a major publisher yet are worth developing. Using CreateSpace printing, Teleioteti seeks to produce books that are tight in argument and research and can contribute in a significant way to the maturing of Christian disciples, even if they may only run a few copies.  

Prevenient Grace: An Investigation into Arminianism (Published September, 2016)

By J. Alexander Rutherford

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This book is a fine piece of scholarship.  Rutherford presents his arguments with admirable clarity.  His intention is to offer guidance for pastors and teachers who may be faced with questions about whether human beings have the freedom to accept or reject God.  The great strength of Rutherford’s book is his knowledge of biblical texts and an appropriate interpretation of them.  He successfully shows that the claims of Arminianism with its view that prevenient grace allows an acceptance or rejection of God are not supported by biblical texts.  Nor are they justified by philosophical arguments.  They layout of the book and its careful treatment of arguments both for and against prevenient grace is a model of excellent writing.  His chapters are supplemented by a Glossary that explains all specific terms and Appendices where detailed theological discussions are given.  Most helpful is his Index of Scripture passages discussed.

I recommend this book highly as a compelling piece of scholarship.

Dr. Shirley Sullivan, FRSC (elected), Professor Emeritus of Classics, University of British Columbia

Purchase on paperback at, Regent College Bookstore (Vancouver, Canada), and amazon or on kindle via amazon (also on Kindle Select). Prevenient Grace is currently available at the John Richard Allison Library at Regent College (Vancouver) and the Wolf Memorial Library at Pacific Life Bible College (Surrey, BC, Canada).

Believe the Unbelievable: A Study in Habakkuk

By J. Alexander Rutherford

Teleioteti Habakkuk Commentary – in progress (expected 2018)

By J. Alexander Rutherford

Preface to My Upcoming Habakkuk Commentary

Snippet from Habakkuk Commentary Notes on Hab 1:5-6b

“THAT THE ONE READING THESE THINGS WILL RUN”: On the Translation of Habakkuk 2:2c in the Septuagint

A New Translation of Habakkuk

Habakkuk: An Intermediate Reader of Hebrew and Exegesis (expected 2018)

By J. Alexander Rutherford

Featuring an introduction to Habakkuk orientated towards the Hebrew text and section introductions adapted from my forthcoming Habakkuk commentary (expected 2018), this project will feature the full Hebrew text of Habakkuk with footnote definitions of words occuring 30 or less times in the Hebrew Bible, a lexicon of words in Habakkuk occuring more than 30 times as an appendix, notes on interpretation, grammar, and difficult parsing, and articles on aspects of Hebrew tanslation, reading, and exegesis inserted at appropriate points in the work.