Teleioteti (Τελειοτητι, te-ley-o-tey-tee)—meaning “unto maturity”—exists to to offer resources that address theological and pastoral concerns from a Biblical worldview with the purpose of seeing Christ’s Church mature in its understanding of God and His Word. We exist to mature disciples of Jesus Christ through the production of Gospel-centred material that connects the Scriptures with the heads, hearts, and minds of Christians, enabling them to better understand and glorify God through service in His Church.

To achieve this purpose, Teleioteti publishes online materials and books researched with academic rigor but written for pastors and theology-interested lay Christians. Our books are published using the printing and distribution services of Amazon’s Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing: by doing so, we are able to produce quality paperbacks at a low cost, without regard for sales potential. That is, a traditional publishing company is restrained by the costs of marketing and printing so that they publish only those books that are sure to sell a minimum number of copies. We are less interested in numbers than in the potential impact the books we produce may have in furthering the Kingdom of God on earth. Our online materials fit into three categories; technical papers, articles (lengthy, semi-technical, essays), and blog posts (shorter, popular, works).