Welcome to Allforthegloryofhiskingdom,

My names is James, I started this blog to share and get feedback on what God has been teaching me throughout my years at Bible College. I have been working on my bachelor for three years now and God has been teaching me amazing things: this blog features quotes from some of my heroes; papers I have written on subjects like Apologetics, Theology, Christian History, etc.; sermons I have preached; and thoughts I have spewed up while thinking. My hope with what I post here is to share my heart for God’s truth and my passion for His Word, I hope that every post on this blog, whether you agree with it or not, will drive you to prayer and scouring the Bible to ascertain what  God truly has to say on the different issues we face in this life. I hope you are blessed and maybe even challenged by what you find here. My philosophy with theology, with learning things about God, is that it should always lead into doxology; praising Him. So if you learn something here that helps you out, turn it into praise and never stop glorifying His name through your life.

A bit has changed since I last updated my “about” page. I am no longer studying for my Bachelor’s degree, I now, completely by God’s gracious provision of wisdom and diligence, have graduated as the valedictorian of my class and have a Bachelor in Pastoral Leadership. I am now attending Regent College in Vancouver Canada and am studying towards my Master’s in Theological Studies, focusing on Greek and Hebrew. I will still continue to post as often as I can, and post those papers I am able to. I am still deeply committed, more so than ever, to conform my thoughts to the Word of God and continually seek a deeper faith that is grounded in God’s revealed truth. I pray that you find my thinking as expressed in the content I post to be challenging and, even when you disagree, enriching to your faith.

Another update is in order: I have now completed two years at Regent College. Now in my third, I am working towards finishing my Master’s in Theological Studies and beginning my Master’s of the Theology. As of September 1, 2016, I have published my first book Prevenient Grace and am currently working on a commentary on the book of Habakkuk. Many of my papers are now posted to academia.edu, with abstracts here. I will still upload blog post when so led by the Spirit in my studies.

Soli Deo gloria,
James Rutherford

For those wondering a little bit about my underlying presuppositions: I am a deeply committed evangelical who holds to the inspiration of the entire Bible, verbal-plenary, and its role as the primary-functional authority (quoting Brad Copp) in our lives. I am committed to submit before the Word wherever it takes me. It is my primary source of authority by which I seek to interpret experience and tradition. I believe in the reality of propositional revelation and that we can truly know God, as far as He has revealed Himself: He has made Himself known in such a way that a baby can love Him and a scholar can spend His entire life searching out His nature as He has revealed it in Scripture. I believe that we are justified by faith alone, that sanctification is a life-long adventure worked by the Spirit, and that all who are justified will endure to be glorified. Justification is a legal declaration in a covenantal context. I also place the canonical form of the text above hypothetical earlier forms or sources. I believe that the canonical context is as important as the immediate literary context for understanding a text, this means placing it within the greater story of Scripture and identifying the redemptive epoch within which the text lies. I believe that as sinful humans, we will err, but I don’t believe that this means we will err in all areas. We can know truth, even about God, and because we can err, we must seek to submit all our ideas, no matter how certain we believe them to be , before the Word of God to be ever reformed.

Disclaimer: Sometimes I may endorse or positively cite books, but this by no means entails complete agreement with the entirety of the content of that book or more likely with the entirety of an author’s body of writing. Also, because this is a progressive project and my beliefs are being constantly worked on by God, some posts posted later may contradict earlier posts (it’s always a good thing to check what we read or hear against Scripture) but this is simply a result of me constantly trying to submit what I believe to the absolute authority of Scripture. I will attempt to put a notice on posts if I no longer a agree with the arguments or conclusions contained therein, I keep them up for the purpose of stimulating thinking.


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