Endorsement of Prevenient Grace

This book is a fine piece of scholarship.  Rutherford presents his arguments with admirable clarity.  His intention is to offer guidance for pastors and teachers who may be faced with questions about whether human beings have the freedom to accept or reject God.  The great strength of Rutherford’s book is his knowledge of biblical texts and an appropriate interpretation of them.  He successfully shows that the claims of Arminianism with its view that prevenient grace allows an acceptance or rejection of God are not supported by biblical texts.  Nor are they justified by philosophical arguments.  They layout of the book and its careful treatment of arguments both for and against prevenient grace is a model of excellent writing.  His chapters are supplemented by a Glossary that explains all specific terms and Appendices where detailed theological discussions are given.  Most helpful is his Index of Scripture passages discussed.

I recommend this book highly as a compelling piece of scholarship.

Dr. Shirley Sullivan, FRSC (elected),

Professor Emeritus of Classics

University of British Columbia


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