Update on Book and Current Projects

It has been a while since I have uploaded any content, and my book has yet to be published. I wanted to provide a brief update on my book and current projects for those following this blog and my other work.

Regarding my book, I am still at work with my editor; over a third of the project is finished. Praying that it will be done very soon.

My semester at Regent College has now finished and this has opened up my time to work on a new project. I am gathering material from my studies in the book of Habakkuk and hope to write and upload a translation of the Hebrew and Greek text of Habakkuk, a unit-by-unit commentary on the book, a canonical/exegetical/theological introduction to the book, and some essays on a few debated passages. Pray that the Lord gives me wisdom and insight as I hope to finish these before my next classes start at the end of May. The first fruits of this labour can now be found on Academia.edu in my paper A Consideration of Habakkuk as Part of the Book of the Twelve.


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