Every November

Every November, on the week of American thanksgiving, I cant help but remember how far God has taken me. It is amazing how things change, I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ, am currently getting my master’s in biblical languages, and am happily married to the beautiful Nicole Rutherford. 6 years ago yesterday, that picture was very different, but God forever changed my life. Before that day, a day didnt go by without painful and distressing seizures, leaving me confused and downtrodden. Compounding that, I had a hollow, shallow, faith. That changed six years ago when God brought me through brain surgery and a month long recovery; along with the few pieces they took from my brain went the man I used to be. Though far from perfect, every success, all growth, and every good thing I hold dear emerged by the Holy Spirit out of the faith He wrought in my heart through all that led up to that day and the recovery afterwards. I am so greatful for a merciful and compassionate God who delivered me from my deepest pains and has brought me so much joy in Himself.


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