If anybody regular reads this blog, you may have noticed that I have not posted new content in a few months. The reasons for this are many, mainly that God has directed me to focus my efforts elsewhere. I still post academic papers online when I finish them, I am now doing this through academia.edu–my papers can be found at, https://regent-college.academia.edu/JamesRutherford. I am producing less content at the moment because I am studying for my MATs in Biblical Languages at Regent College (Vancouver Canada), but when I do write blog length posts, I am now doing so for my church. When they are published, they can be read–along with posts from my pastor and fellow church members–at http://www.bridgechurch.ca/category/blog/. I also post book reviews and blurbs through good reads, https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/15636147-james-rutherford. Even combining all these sites, the total content is much less than what I have produced in the past. The reason for this is that I have been focusing all my writing efforts on a book project that is nearing completion. Gathering together research  I have done over the last 6 years in the areas of theology, exegesis, and philosophy,  I should soon be publishing Prevenient Grace: An Investigation Into Arminianism through Amazon. Look for it late December or early 2016. Here is a sneak peak:

If a plant grows with shallow roots, the storms of a season will wither away and uproot it; like a house built on sand, a poor foundation will doom its fate. But this isn’t a book on botany, nor on architecture; foundations, good roots, are essential to thought structures as well as material structures. In theology, a bad foundation will produce results as catastrophic as bad roots or shifting sand. How we think about God and His work in the world will profoundly affect how we live and work out our Christian faith. This book evolved from the conviction that a prominent theological system rests on a fragile foundation. It is written as a small contribution towards refounding our understanding of God’s relationship with the world and our salvation on His Word.

The theology in question is Arminianism, the foundation is prevenient grace. Deep within Evangelical Arminianism lies the essential doctrine that God has acted in the life of all human beings, giving them enabling grace enough to respond or reject His offer of salvation. The contention of this book is that this doctrine has no biblical grounds and is rationally unfounded and that Arminianism itself stands or falls on this doctrine.


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