A Review of The Potter’s Freedom by James R. White

I am tired of reading books that attempt to make me think big thoughts about myself, and small thoughts about God; Norman Geisler’s Chosen But Free was a textbook example of this kind of book. Fortunately, it produced this response; White’s book is anything but a book that will leave you thinking big thoughts about yourself. White masterfully rips apart Geisler’s quite terrible book, and in the process provides, as far as I have read so far, the best exegetical defense of the 5 points of Calvinism and the complete sovereignty of God over all creation that is available in one volume. If you have read Geisler’s Chosen But Free or are planning on reading it, I would recommend picking this book up. Also, if you are simply wanting a book that exegetes the Scriptures in relation to the doctrines of God’s sovereignty and predestination, you cannot go wrong with this book and will surely be driven to doxology by the glorious picture of God found within.


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