A Review of The Justification of God by John Piper

What does it mean for God to be righteous?  In his profound study of Paul’s justification of God’s election in Romans 9, John Piper examines what exactly Paul is trying to argue in Romans 9 and looks at the resulting conception of God’s righteousness that Paul appears to have held. This book is a profound and penetrating example of exegetical study and a must read for studies on election, God’s righteousness, or chapter 9 of Romans. Piper works through the different exegetical issues provided in the text and follows the thought of Paul coming to the conclusion that Paul’s defense of God’s righteousness in unconditional election stems from the fact that God’s righteousness is “his unswerving commitment always to preserve the honor of his name and display his glory” (219). An essential part of which is His utter freedom from all influences outside of Himself in dispensing mercy to whomever He wills do dispense mercy (219). Piper, in the process of coming to his conclusion, wrestles with the challenge that Romans 9 does not in fact deal with individual election and reprobation but with God’s election on a national scale. Overall it is a tremendous work of scholarship and biblical study, challenging but needed.

This book gets a rating of 5/5


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