Romans 8:28 leads to the conclusion of Perseverance and Compatibilism


Proposition 1: If God promises that all things are worked together for the good of those who believe

– This is seen in Romans 8:28

P1A: going to Hell is not good

See here

P2: and someone who truly believes apostatizes forever from the faith

Then: P3; a promise of God has failed (which is in contradiction with His nature)

P3A: if God is all knowing so he knows everything that will happen and all powerful so that he can make things happen.

P3B: and a promise then fails

Then: P3C; God would be a liar for he would know that what he says will not come to pass.

P3Ci: if God is truthful and therefore cannot lie

P3Cii: and a worldview/argument leads to the conclusion that God lied

Then: P3Ciii: that worldview is false or a proposition in the argument is false.

If this all holds true, then proposition 2 must be false (for P1 is an exegetical truth of Scripture [see here] (presupposing the evangelical understanding of the inerrancy and authority of Scripture)) and this person has to either have temporarily backslidden or was in fact never truly a believer (and perseverance of the saints is proven to be true; see here for the an outline of the doctrine).



CP1: if it is impossible for someone who is a true believer to fall away

CP1A: an inability to choose to walk away means that a believer is only able to in the end choose A and not B. A (persevering to glorification) is ensured by God’s persevering power making B (apostatizing forever from the faith) impossible.

CP2: and libertarian free will requires freedom of contrary choice (ability to choose A or B)

Then: CP3; libertarian free will is necessarily false according to God’s infallible word (Romans 8:28) and the universe is partially determined; because Scripture teaches that humans are responsible for their actions Compatibilism is true (soft determinism is the reality of our world.)


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