Review of Freedom Of The Will by Jonathan Edwards

Wow. This book was a very hard read, both because of the thick content and Edwards use of page long sentences, but well worth it.
Edwards provides an in depth response to the challenges raised against the Calvinist idea of Total Depravity and the bondage of the will. It is still relevant today almost 300 years later, addressing much of what we see today in Arminian challenges to Calvinism (Chosen but Free, Geisler [He calls his position “Moderate Calvinism,” but it seems to be an incoherent mix of Semi-Pelagianism and Arminianism stamped on to reinterpretations of the Five Points of Calvinism]; Against Calvinism, Olsen) and the idea of libertarian free-will that under girds Open Theism. If you are interested in any of these topics it is a must read.

Edwards both addresses the Arminian views of his day (which are still around today) and shows how we have the power of voluntary choice. The idea of voluntary choice, contra contrary choice (libertarian free will), allows for mankind to be totally responsible for moral actions while being one hundred percent in bondage to sin–that is unless the Holy Spirit regenerates us. We are naturally free to do good or evil, but morally bound to sin so that we will only ever choose evil(this does not mean that we will do the maximum amount of evil possible [utter depravity] but that even the things that we do that seem good are actually evil and corrupt actions because a good act requires a good heart and our hearts–before the Spirit’s regenerating work–are corrupt and deceitful to the very core [radical/total depravity]).

This book gets a rating of 5/5


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