My summer

This has been a really interesting summer, coming off a great year of school! I have done more studying and writing over this summer than possibly my entire last year of school. I have been growing in God a lot, but also been floundering in a lot of trouble and sin. It has been an interesting time. Ever had a time when a lot of what you believed got thrown in a blender? My core beliefs are all the same, but a lot of the periphrial things I believed about Christianity and what the Bible teaches have been changing. That’s what my next few blog posts will be on. I have had a huge change in my soteriological views (taken on the doctrines of grace), a shift on the Bibles teaching on manhood and womanhood (more complimentarian now), and my views on what exactly is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and, as a consequence of this shift, what is the subsequent experience with the Holy Spirit that we experience today. God, keep on teaching me!


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